London residents send videos to David Cameron in support of Justine Greening

London residents have sent videos to the Prime Minister David Cameron in support of the Transport Secretary Justine Greening (1).  This follows a fortnight long campaign where people have been plastering the Piccadilly Line with ‘I back Justine’ stickers.

One of the people who sent a video said, “We were inspired by the stickers to make a video in support of Justine Greening.  She is a woman who has stood by her principles over Heathrow expansion.  The lady’s not for u-turning.”

There has been pressure on David Cameron from the aviation industry to move Justine Greening from her transport post in the forthcoming reshuffle because of her implacable opposition to a third runway at Heathrow.

John Stewart, Chair of HACAN East said, “This must be a unique protest. Cabinet reshuffles usually generate little interest amongst voters at large.  This must be the first time that ordinary residents have tried to influence a cabinet reshuffle.  It shows what anger there would be if Justine Greening was moved.”

(1). Here are links to some of the video


London City Airport’s Watchdog Snubs Residents’ Group

Posted on August 27, 2012

27/8/12 for immediate use

London City Airport’s official watchdog has snubbed the leading group respresenting residents under the flight paths.  The airport’s consultative committee refused the request by HACAN East to join the committee.  The decision flies in the face of a recommendation by the Greater London Assembly.

At its summer meeting the consultative committee decided to exclude HACAN East from membership (1).  It gave no reason.

The function of consultative committees is to hold the airport to account.  The committee usually includes local authorities and representatives of businesses and the local community.  HACAN, the sister organisation of HACAN East which represents residents in West London, has been a member of the Heathrow consultative committee for many years.  Earlier this year the Environment Committee of the London Assembly recommended that HACAN East be invited to join the consultative committee of City Airport.   

Murad Qureshi, the chair of the Environment Committee, said, "I am disappointed that the London City Airport have not taken up the recommendations of the Assembly's Environment Committee that the representation on their consultative committee should better reflect a broad range of interests, in a similar way to the membership of the Heathrow Airport Consultative Committee."

John Stewart, chair of HACAN East said, “It is a clear snub.  Just what is the committee so afraid of?”



Notes for Editors:

(1). The relevant section from the minutes of the Committee Meeting:

 “At its last meeting the Committee agreed that the Committee's officers should meet with John Stewart of HACAN concerning the London Assembly'ssuggestion that the membership of the Consultative Committee should be enlarged to include a representative of HACAN.  The meeting with John Stewart took place at Kings Cross on 23rd April 2012 and members had been briefed on the discussions. Following consideration members had decided that HACAN should not be invited to

be members of the Consultative Committee at London City and the Airport would be recommended accordingly”.  Full minutes:



For further information:

John Stewart on 0207 737 6641; 07957385650


‘I’m backing Justine’

Whoever is behind the 'I backing Justine' campaign I'm pretty sure it's not Qatar which has just bought 20% of BAA. Rumours are that the Justine campaign, which is putting stickers all over the Underground, was started by local London residents who don't want David Cameron to give in to the calls of the aviation industry for her to be moved in the forthcoming reshuffle of Government Ministers. The industry hate the fact she is firmly opposed to Heathrow expansion


Press Release: East London skies ‘M25 for Aircraft Traffic’

Posted on August 17, 2012

Press Release

For Immediate Use.

East London Skies becoming an ‘M25 for Aircraft Traffic’

– New Pictures show the extent of East London being overflown (below)

– Local MP’s and Councillors urged to put party politics aside and protect residents.

– Heathrow Third Runway could make outdoor life unbearable.

East London has become an ‘M25 for Aircraft Traffic’ while residents underneath suffer from increased noise. The cumulative effects of London City Airport and Heathrow means Tower Hamlets residents are living under the constant drone of aircraft noise.

Pictures taken today (below) show the extent of the problem with aircraft contrails criss crossing right across Tower Hamlets. What they do’t show is the additional lower flying Heathrow and London City Aircraft which add to the problem.

Aircraft noise harms health in many ways.Studies have shown it also effects a child’s ability to learn. [1]

Local campaigners have urged all East London elected representatives to put aside party politics and work together to address the problem.

Johns Stewart of Hacan East said “Parts of East London are the most overflown in the UK. Residents continue to suffer but not in silence. A Heathrow Third Runway with more flights and more noise will only add to their suffering”

Local Campaigner Alan Haughton said “The pictures today are shocking and show how overflown many part of East London have become.Aircraft noise being forced upon the poorest borough in London, Tower Hamlets. Local Kids taking up sports as part of the Olympic Legacy will have aircraft noise as a soundtrack to their lives.Enough is enough”


Alan Haughton 07909 907 395


for pictures see