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HACAN East is a campaign group made up of concerned residents from East London and South East London mainly concerned about the impact of London City Airport.   Some of us, though, live under the flight paths of both London City and Heathrow airports.  We are the sister organisation of HACAN (Heathrow Association for the Control of Aircraft Noise).

London City Airport opened in 1987 despite a campaign by local residents who felt it was wrong to build an airport so close to where people live in one of the poorest boroughs in the country, Newham.

The airport promised it would be just served by small, quiet planes. But these promises were never kept. City has in the last few years received permission for a 50% increase in the number of planes using the airport which from 2019 will cap the number of planes to allowed to use the airport at 111,000. At present around 84,000 planes use it each year. The quieter turbo-prop aircraft are gradually being replaced by jets.

The increase number of jets using the airport has a big effect on the area. For many people close to the areas the noise from the turbo-props was bearable; the noise of the jets is not. The jets require wider take-off paths so new take-off paths were introduced with the result that wide swathes of East London are now suffering noise nuisance. And in February 2016 all the arrival and departure flight paths were concentrated, bringing real problems for many areas of East and South-East London. Many areas get Heathrow aircraft noise as well – some of the East London boroughs are the most-heavily overflown in London. People around the airport also complain of air pollution problems.

Read people's stories of life under the concentrated flight paths: http://hacan.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/HACAN-East-booklet.pdf


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  • HACAN East is the successor body to Fight the Flights which mounted a four year campaign to prevent permission being given for a 50% increase in flights using City Airport.

  • HACAN East is a sister organisation to HACAN, the long-standing organisation which represents people under the Heathrow flight paths – www.hacan.org.uk

  • HACAN East argues that noise and air pollution levels in the area are already unacceptable. It opposed the permission a few years back for a 50% increase in the number of planes using the City Airport, permitting 111,000 planes to use it each year.

  • HACAN East opposes the concentration of City's flight paths.

  • HACAN East is part of the wider environmental movement which argues that the growth of aviation needs to be curbed if we are to conquer climate change.

  • HACAN East recognises that airports can bring jobs and help the economy but questions whether the economic benefits of City Airport outweighs the blight it causes.