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HACAN East has launched a petition opposing London City's expansion proposals, including the proposals to almost double flight numbers from current levels.


At present we are concentrating on our campaign against the expansion proposals contained in London City’s Master Plan, currently out for consultation until 18th October. London City wants to almost double flight numbers from their current levels, get rid of the 24 hour weekend break, and bring in more flights early morning and late evening.

We have launched a major postcard and poster campaign against the expansion proposals. Thousands of postcards will be distributed to household impacted by the airport over the next month. If you would like to help distribute the postcards email

You can find the postcards here: and here

And black and white versions:

And you can download and display posters:

Black and white posters:

People who object to the proposals are being asked to fill in a postcard and send it back to the airport via FREEPOST

HACAN East is happy to come and talk at meetings.

write to your mp & councillors:

Although until October 18th we are concentrating on the London City Master Plan consultation, you should feel free to write to your MP and councillors on any matter which concerns you about London City or Heathrow airports.

Use this simple tool: . It tells you who your local councillors, MP, GLA representative and MEPs are and send the email straight to them.


And here’s two videos you can use which illustrates what it is like today to live with London City Airport: - just released showing not only what it is like to live at with London City - and Heathrow - planes flying overhead but also what possible solutions might look like