Heathrow has launched to consultations consultations.  The one which is of importance to us is the one of flight paths.  Heathrow is planning the biggest changes to its flight paths since the airport began.  It is being driven by new computer technology which allows planes to land and depart much more precisely.  New flight paths will be introduced whether or not a third runway is built.  They are asking what are the principles would influence the design of the new flight paths (e.g. pure concentration or respite).  In other words, the sort of consultation London City  didn't carry out before it concentrated its flight paths.  The other thing you may want to respond on is the conditions which should be mandatory should a third runway be given the go-ahead.  We’ve suggested some possible conditions in the briefing.  http://hacan.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/Consultation-Briefing-from-HACAN.pdf

For more details about the consultations, see our sister site www.hacan.org.uk