Over the summer months we have had a steam of emails and phone calls from people disturbed by the new flight paths.  They have come from huge swathes of east and south London.

This is a short update on the situation. 

 We have had meetings with both the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and the airport in the light of the fact that the airport is required to review the concentrated flight paths.  It seems clear from the meetings that the CAA does not consider it to be within its remit to initiate change but it will assess any changes the airport process.  The airport told us that by February 2017 they need to produce a report for the CAA on whether the flight paths have achieved their purpose in operational terms.  The CAA will comment on that report by May 2017.

 But, more encouragingly, the airport did tell us it ‘has not closed its mind’ to some form of respite.  They may look at that about this time next year.  The Government is expected to consult on its airspace policy either later this year or early next year and City Airport wants to see what that says before looking again at its concentrated flight paths.

 Meanwhile we have set up a group of MPs, GLA members and senior local councillors to keep pressure on the airport.