City Airport issues "community pledge" for Waltham Forest

Local residents group HACAN East dismissed a new “community pledge” for the London borough of Waltham Forest as both “desperate and irrelevant.”  The plan, launched by London City Airport on Thursday 21st April , highlights a “five-point community pledge” for residents of Waltham Forest. 

London City Airport’s 5-point Community Pledge

 We will continue to:

 Jobs:  Ensure more jobs for locals – joining the East London residents who already work at London City and comprise 64% of our entire workforce

 Education:  Broaden our community outreach and work with more local schools to develop students’ education and career prospects, including work experience opportunities at the airport

 Community: Support and invest in community initiatives, adding to the £2.7 million already spent by London City Airport in East London since 2009.  Raise more money for local causes, including our long-standing commitment to Richard House Children’s Hospice in Beckton

 Environment:  Operate more fuel efficient and quieter aircraft from and to the airport

 Business:  Create more procurement opportunities for local businesses – adding to success stories like our on-going contract with Greenwich-based start-up Crowd Vision

 Nearly 27,000 Waltham Forest households will receive leaflets over the next week, with a further 136,000 pledges distributed across other East London boroughs.

HACAN East that the plan was high on nice-sounding rhetoric but low on specifics.  It also pointed out that this is the same airport which refused to leaflet local residents to ask or inform them about concentrated flight paths but now can deliver over 100,000 PR leaflets.